A Little About Padanaram Village
(pronounced Paid-nare-am)

Village of many names
Like most lands during the Pilgrims' time, the ground now called Padanaram (the official name is South Dartmouth) was purchased by the Plymouth colonists from the Indians.  The agreed-upon price was exactly 30 yards of cloth, 8 moose skins, 15 hoes, 15 axes, 8 blankets, 2 kettles, 1 cloak, 2 English pounds (sterling) in wampum, 8 pairs of shoes, 1 iron pot, and "10 shillings in another commodite."

The mid-18th century was a good time for the town, which was then called Ponagansett, after the Appongansett River.  The harbor attracted shipbuilding and related industries, and soon the town was booming.  Prominent shipbuilder Laban Thatcher's industriousness and philanthropy reminded the townsfolk of a Biblical story in which a man, also named Laban, was commanded to go to Padan-Aram in Syria to marry and multiply, live long and prosper.  The townsfolk liked this ideal and adopted the name in 1817.

Things to See and Do
Coming off the pier will put you on Bridge Street. By going 1/2 block east you will arrive at Elm Street.  Turning in both directions you will see all two blocks of downtown Padanaram.  Take a walk through the placid streets of this well-kept, historic village.  You'll pass houses and a church that were built when whaling, shipbuilding, and saltworking brought wealth to the town.  The gem of the neighborhood is the Congregational Church on Middle Street, an elegant building crowned with an octagonal belfry.

Restaurants and Provisions
Padanaram and Apponagansett Bay may be long names, but it's not a long walk from the water to find a bite to eat.  Hungry boaters always appreciate the Black Bass Grille (508-999-6975).  Head to Cecily's (508-994-1162) for great scones and coffee and tasty salads and sandwiches.  The Packet/Post Office (508-994-0759), also on Elm, is the place to pick up or ship off nautical wear and provisions.

(the above info was "borrowed" from the Maptech New England Coast embassy guide)

Padanaram is a unique village offering casual dining and shopping.  There is a protected beach within walking distance with a small playground.  There are in close proximity to both a large and small airport and several automobile rental agencies.