Inboard Repairs and Service

*  After 50 hours of initial operation, switch to a high grade motor oil of the proper SAE spec for your engine.     This step alone may double your engine service life.
*  Replace exhaust risers and gaskets every 150 hours of engine use (if salt water cooled).
*  Replace exhaust manifolds every 300 hours of engine use if salt water cooled, 500 hours if fresh water cooled. Riser and or manifold failures are the number one cause of engine failure due to water ingestion and corrosion.
*  Use a fuel stabilizer to condition fuel for periods when the boat is not in use. This will keep your fuel system clean for a longer period of time.
*  Replace your raw water pump every 50 - 100 hours or once a year. Replace the housing too, not just the impellers. Today's engines can't survive overheating.
*  Replace gear oil and/or transmission oil every 100 hours. Inspect propeller shaft seals for wear,                   fishing line etc., and service every 250 hours or as required.
*  Use a quality brand fuel filter to filter your fuel and remove water. Check it every time before leaving the dock!
*  Replace all pencil zincs in the exhaust manifolds every 50 to 100 hours. If your engine is equipped with these anti corrosion inhibitors, replace them as well.
*  Use high quality fuel filters and replace them every time you perform an oil change at least once per season.
*  Having an oil pumpout manifold will make changing oil easier and will assist in keeping your bilge clean.
*  Keep fuel or air shutdown solenoids for your particular engine onboard your vessel in a safe cool and dry place. These solenoids generally fail before anything else. (diesel only)
*  If you experience slow cranking speeds when initially starting, look at your battery cables. If you flex them and they make a crackling noise, replace them.
*  Replace or have inspected, propellers and or shafts, if any vibration is noted while underway. Do not operate the vessel any longer than necessary with a bent shaft or propeller. The damage to your transmission may be severe.

If you have any specific questions concerning your boat, feel free to contact us, we are happy to help!

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